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Having a health professional with both professional and personal experience with neurofeedback can make a big difference. Our goal is to make every patient feel cared for and understood and that the care we provide is both personalized and effective.

“I wondered why life was becoming harder than it should be professionally and personally. I was struggling with anxiety attacks, ADHD and ADD, memory loss, insomnia, and depression from my history of concussions. I heard about Neurofeedback training and was able to get my joyful and relaxed self back again with this life-changing, natural, long-lasting, root-cause solution to my problems.” – Dr. Jeff Lagree

Our patients speak:

“I used to worry a lot, thinking the worst possible things were going to happen to my children and husband. I always felt irritated, upset, and stressed out all the time. My husband said I always seemed at my whit’s end, and my kids stressed me out. I would feel guilty that I didn’t give them my full self and presence. The Neurofeedback changed everything for the better. I can be a better mom now, and I feel like the dark ceiling has been removed that I just couldn’t push out of before. Now I am happier, and life is easier…I can handle things better, and just feel free to be me again! Thank you so much! I want others to have these victories, too! Keep up the great work!” – Shannon C.

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