What is Neurofeedback?

How would you like to improve your response to all of your day-to-day situations? Always be in control of your thoughts and moods. Neurofeedback training can help you do that.

Neurofeedback utilizes a non-invasive technique for measuring and improving your brain activity. Using conductive gel, small sensors are attached to specific areas of your head. Our Neurointegration software then records the brain wave function, allowing the program to respond to your brain`s activity as it happens.

During your brain retraining session, you will be watching a video input, using our photic lenses, accompanied by audio input for additional re-enforcement. Using a method known as operant conditioning, positive re-enforcement is used to help you create long-term changes in your brainwave function.

Balanced Brainwaves = Balanced Mood, Better Cognitive Function

The software compares your incoming brainwaves to that of an optimal brainwave in the target range. If your brainwaves deviate from optimal ranges, it triggers a change in the audio or video inputs. Your brain automatically detects this and refocuses itself back into the desired range, balancing your brainwaves.

As in a college classroom, your brain will learn to stay in the normal ranges on its own without the computer. With your brain functioning normally, your symptoms will improve or, in many cases, disappear entirely.

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