By Health Coach Juanita Stauffer


So often, people get labeled as a head case – especially true for women in America. We are told, “It’s all in your head,”… just take the purple pill.” All the while, we know deep down inside our hearts that it isn’t true!! We know something is actually wrong! The problem is that the Practitioner we are talking to at that moment simply doesn’t know what the problem is, so he labels us as “you have a head issue.” It is so frustrating and makes the depression and anxiety we are experiencing even worse as we begin to wonder if maybe the doctor is right and we are actually a nut case!


The other day, a distraught mom called me from the hospital, so upset that she was crying and babbling. She apologized, explaining that her teenage daughter was having seizures and all the doctors wanted to do was put her on more meds. It had started with panic attacks in the past, and of course, the doctor had treated it with medication. The mother believed the medication is what caused the seizures the daughter was now having. The scary thing for the mother is that the doctors didn’t believe her and offered even more drugs to solve her young daughter’s mind/anxiety issue. The mom’s words to me were, “I need something for my daughter!!!”


This scenario happens far too often. The labeling we receive when our brain struggles to keep up with the stress and toxicity of our world is cruel, and it is simply a reflection of a broken health system in America that no longer looks for the root cause of the patient’s health issue, but instead treats the body as something “broken” and in need of drugs to obliterate the symptom. The result?…the problem is allowed to remain and keep growing while the patient experiences new health issues: side effects from the prescribed medication.


The answer is, “YES!” At Beyond Limits, Dr. LaGree D.C. had been helping patients for years to resolve their anxiety/depression/ADHD issues using root cause technology. He incorporates scientific analysis and testing, neurofeedback, nutritional support, and loving coaching to remove the obstacles to your brain’s optimal performance. Here at Beyond Limits, we firmly believe the body and brain was designed to thrive and work powerfully. We will identify with you why it is not functioning as desired, and then with our advanced technology, we will show you the natural way to return to the TRUE YOU, so you can feel yourself again.


The first step to resolution is to schedule an evaluation with our neurofeedback expert doctor. This will be a one-on-one call or in-office visit in which you will have the doctor’s undivided attention. You can ask questions, and he will ask you questions also to get to the root of your distress and design a roadmap for your rebuild. This will be a powerful visit! If you seriously want a change and are ready to try something apart from the medication/frustration train you have been on, schedule your FREE evaluation on this website, or give us a call today: 864-412-8142. We are here with love and respect to help you move forward.

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