Why Are Autistic Brains Different?

Recent studies have shown that neural action in the brain can occur differently in autistic people versus those with normal brain development. Sometimes, there will be more connections in some areas, while there are less in others, causing imbalances. With the use of computerized technology, the brainwave imbalances can be measured, giving us the information needed to create a training program that can improve brain function at the core level.

A Personal Approach

Parents know what is working and what isn’t, where their child struggles and where they don’t. During the Free Initial Evaluation, there will be a one-on-one discussion concerning your goals and explain how neurofeedback could be part of the solution going forward.

Next, a neurofeedback training protocol will be designed to help brainwave patterns become more flexible, improve function and emotional balance, and increase processing speed. These protocols are based on the results of the individual brain map (Qeeg – quantitative electro-encephalogram).

How Does Neurofeedback Help With Autism?

At Beyond Limits Neurofeedback, the training helps our autistic patients better control their own brainwaves. This is done using changes in the audio and visual inputs.

While in a regular training session, the brain waves are detected through sensors placed on the scalp. This allows us to measure the brainwave output while the patient relaxes, watching a movie or video that holds their interest.

If you were in the present during a session (which is typical), you would notice that the video feed will go in and out of focus – this is not a random activity but is in direct response to the active measurements of their brainwaves.

What improvements can I expect from neurofeedback training?

Typically, parents and caregivers notice that their children are calmer and better able to manage their emotions. They are less likely to feel overwhelmed and, as a result, are better able to participate in cognitive and emotional learning. This results in improved social interactions, communication skills, schoolwork, anxiety, behavior, and sleep.

The Training is Completely Natural

“I was looking for a non-medicated way to help my son with his attention issues. His behavior, mood, concentration, and memory have improved at school and at home. We are forever grateful for the Beyond Limits Team’s passion for natural alternative options for our family.”Michelle T.

Are The Improvements Long Term?

Most people are familiar with the saying, “It`s like learning to ride a bike- you never forget.” That`s precisely how neurofeedback training works. – No side effects, and over time the training helps the brain to create permanent changes in the available neural pathways. In turn, this leads to long-term improvements in communication, memory, focus, concentration, and many other areas.

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