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Beyond Limits Neurofeedback is designed to provide drug-free, long-term solutions for many brain-based conditions. With the use of the latest technology in brain mapping and neurofeedback training for adults and children, there is a solution for the many symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, panic attacks and anxiety, autism (ASD), depression, and memory loss, migraines, and more!

Imagine your life with full control of your thoughts and feelings. Better able to adapt and deal with any situation calmly and confidently. Or providing this life-changing relief to a loved one.

The ability to do all of these things already exists with the use of neurofeedback training. First developed for the treatment of epilepsy in 1972, neurofeedback has been proven over the years to be a safe, effective technology for the improvement of many brain-based disorders.

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“I personally used Neurofeedback training to get my joyful and relaxed self back again with this life-changing, natural, long-lasting, solution to my problems.”– Dr. Jeff Lagree

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